Thailand’s #1 Blockbuster Film in the Philippines

” Having complicated thoughts and wanted to travel all over the world? “

Thailand just brought their #1 Blockbuster Film in the Philippines ‘FRIENDZONE’ that was held on April 8, 2019 (Monday), 7:00PM at Fishermall VIP Cinema 1, Quezon Ave., Quezon City.

This film indicates a story of a friendly relationship of a flight attendant and a manager, starring Pimchanok Leuvisadpaibul “Baifern”, known as “Nam” on ‘Crazy Little Called Love’, Naphat Siangsomboon, known as “Beam” on ‘The Gift’ and Directed by Chayanop Boonprakob


For 10 years, Palm has been stuck in the Friend zone with his best friend, Gink. He had feelings for her since high school and even tried confessing to her then but she rejected him, saying that being friends was enough. Over the years, they grow closer to each other. Whenever Palm breaks up with his countless girlfriends, Gink will tell him off. As for Gink, whenever she fights with her girlfriend, It doesn’t matter which country she is at that time, Palm will use his perks as a flight attendant to fly to her the moment she gives him a call.

Every person would feel the same way as the character’s Gink (Pimchanok Leuvisadpaibul) and Palm (Naphat Siangsomboon), when your with that person for a long time and you started to have feelings with him or her but, the other just wanted to be friends with you for a long time. A girl and boy relationship as friends is quite a difficult thing to be have. For some people knowing that friend for a long time will be hard to maintain only as friends. Some would be the one for them int the end. When that friend always comes whenever you need help even from the good and the worse of things.

As we got curious about the film, Here we have questions from the Director himself:

  • How did you come up with the film? Is it from your experience?
  • Baifern is known from her previous works, How did you see the actress as ‘Gink’?
  • Why did you pick the character ‘Palm’ as a flight attendant?
  • How is it working with various talents from different countries?
  • There are a lot of friend zone films that were made. For you, what is friend zone?
  • What is your message to the people who still haven’t watched the film?
  • A message/advice for the people who considered themselves as friend-zoned.
Courtesy: GDH YouTube Channel