Magsasaka TV launched on DZMM

Make way for Magsasaka TV, a program empowering the cause and livelihood of farmers in the Philippines, seeing its new home station on DZMM Teleradyo.
Now on its Season 2, it will soon air on a 5-6 am Saturday slot, ensuring a wide reach and mainstream approach in delivering a show embracing agribusiness and tourism through the immense possibilities and power of farming.

Previously airing on PTV-4, Magsasaka TV boasts a new format and treatment that emphasize further the beauty and sense of its entrepreneurial and social advocacies. The program, anchored on the shoulders and vision of revolutionary agriculturist Dex Villamin, is complimented with a theme song that best sends its overarching message of hope and success across: “Tagumpay Nating Lahat.” The popular tune is penned and performed by iconic singer-songwriter Gary Granada.

Through Magsasaka TV, DV (as how Dex Villamin is fondly called in the ever-growing farming community he has created) and his team of dedicated professionals take televiewers and radio listeners to various places and faces in the vast farmlands all over the country. It also serves as a vehicle in sharing and showing the developments taking place in modern farming corporation DV Boer Farm International that practically spearheads the program through its sub-company, Magsasaka Inc.

Allow DV and his farming associates to expound on the background, current status, and future plans of DV Boer, its fast-increasing number of sub-farms, Magsasaka Inc., and how “Tagumpay Nating Lahat” perfectly voices out the inspiring vision of their advocacies for the Filipino farming community and OFWs eyeing for jobs and livelihood to keep them happily home for good.

Magsasaka TV began as a result of DV’s hope of reaching more Filipinos to educate them even more on the great potential of farming for self-sustaining communities, providing livelihood to alleviate poverty among the underprivileged, and empowering OFWs and all individuals with entrepreneurial spirit towards the fundamentals and several benefits of farming. It is the culmination of his journey from a high school drop out with innate abilities to excel, to becoming a pastry chef hailed by hotels here and in Thailand where he became a celebrity pastry chef, and to modernizing farming in the country through corporate-savvy policies and results-oriented processes.

Tune in and watch Magsasaka TV and be witnessed to Filipino farming empowered and revolutionized!

Published by Yugel Losorata