How to fix Google Chrome Flickering on Windows 10

With poor eyesight like me it adds the burden to see annoyingly flickering screen. At first I thought it was just the regular page reload of my cloud based helpdesk system I use to manage and monitor my company’s helpdesk. But after a few days, I got used to it and never really given a thought to fix it.

Alas I got really annoyed because my eyes are hurting and did a quick search and the result? Since a few days ago there are already similar complaints about Chrome!

As of this moment after a couple of search, there is no known patch for this issue about google chrome. But fortunately there is a temporary fix. I saved the reading for you guys and posted it on my wall hoping to help some poor suffering souls.

Unselect the check that creates this problem. Customize settings in your control panel.

Alright if you are annoyed with my bickering here you go and hope you share this temporary solution.

Right click on the desktop >> personalize >> colors and remove the one that says “automatically” It should send the flickering away .

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