Avengers End Game: JCI Makati Movie For A Cause

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.”

― John Holmes


JCI Makati just held a special screening of ‘AVENGERS: End Game’ last night April 27 (Saturday), 8:20PM at Glorietta 4 Cinema 5 for the benefit of the #WeMenCare Community Projects.

JCI Makati (Makati Jaycees) is one of the over 250 Local Organizations (LO’s) under JCI Philippines, belonging to the Metro South Area. It is an active and effective leadership organization in the progressive business community in the city of Makati, Philippines. President Kurt Ryan J. Soliman is now at the forefront leading the local organization to greater heights in its 55th year. He has produced groundbreaking projects such as The 1st Kindergarten Teachers Empowerment Summit, JCSeeding in Plants, #WeMenCare Community Projects, Girl Empowerment Summit, Cardrawling Project, Bean of Hope, Candrawling Project, Agri-Cool-Tour and JCI Uplift Training Program, which was adopted early this year as a National Program by JCI Philippines.

Before the movie starts, There was a question and answer game for the toddlers or the not-so toddlers as they get a prize of a Avengers End Game Tumbler. Just by answering “Where is Black Widow from?” and “How many Avengers are there originally?”.

As the movie starts, Kids mostly enjoy the movie upon seeing their favorites Marvel heroes and some adults who are more excited and got teary-eyed as they watch as Marvel fanatics every since they were a childhood up till now. That you would never imagine to watch your favorite Marvel heroes with your kids till this day forward. Watching the movie with your family and friends makes it a lot better to enjoy the movie.

To know more about JCI Makati you may visit their website at www.jcimakati.org or Facebook Page at JCIMakati.Org.