(Code of Ethics and In-House Rules)


  • To become a top influential non-traditional media company that effectively informs and educates a vast market demographics/audience, and bringing the ever developing Filipino cultural landscape to the global stage/attention.
  • To provide highly accurate and relevant content that values truth, objectivity, fair representations and non-traditional insights.
  • The creation of a progressive global community having active, positive and beneficial interactions through the many interests that the magazine caters to.


Beyond & Play as a highly influential online magazine that not only brings back the culture of reading to the young generations but more importantly, open their minds to develop critical thinking, inclusive traits and pro-active spirit on advocacies and things that need strong support and collaborations.


  • Offer a highly creative platform that effectively entices and engages the target market, enabling them to take control of their feed of content that the magazine provides.
  • Foster an environment that encourages interactions and exchange of great ideas.
  • A continuously evolving online magazine that not only stylishly and impeccably provides for the defined interests of its market but also offer highly entertaining and relevant content beyond expectations.
  • Angle all our content to revitalize the belief and pride in the Filipino identity.
  • Introduce the world to the wonders of Filipino and Asian cultures and contributions to the global community so as to provide points of understanding and culturally-sensitive engagement.

Who We Are

A Digital Media Company built on an ever-changing global society and beyond expected storytelling.

We are beyond being just a brand, lifestyle and stories provider because we connect people’s interests to the things that matter.

We are all about social harmony and inclusivity and social responsibility. We aim to bridge connections by representing people from all walks of life and their realities, involving its readers in all the narratives it presents.

What We Do

Our greatest pursuit is to deliver honest stories that highlight the essence of humanity.

One of our primary goals is to uplift the Filipino collective spirit by reminding what still is inherently good in them and less of what are said to be wrong with them. With this in regard, our critical angle will always show what happened sometime, somewhere that affected the things that have gone wrong to encourage significant changes. And in relation to this, we also aim to discuss related historical stories to set records straight.

We also aim to influence Filipinos to reconnect with their roots, values and identity. In doing so, we will constantly feature the uniquely diverse stories of peoples of the country and even as far as the reaches of the Filipino diaspora.

We also feature both local and global affairs but to provide discussion on how relevant they are to the Filipino society and how they affect the interest of the majority.

Beyond & Play features real-life stories that represent who we are and who we strive to be. We offer beyond the usual telling of stories to make people feel alive, and reminded that we’re all social beings in order to thrive and find meanings.

Why We Do What We Do

To connect as humans, we need to share and listen to each individual’s stories to see beyond our own views of what actually are collective experiences.

We believe that each person has a story beyond assumptions and expectations and we wish to be the instrument of sharing. We make it our mission and advocacy to bring these “beyond the stories” to the mainstream and inspire.

And in offering our online community to the world, we are making attempts to open dialogues, knowledge-sharing and hopefully help dissolve the walls that separate people’s understanding of one another.